North Museum!

Hi guys!Today I went to the North Museum! There was a gift shop, and at the end after we visited almost every section of the museum, my brother and I got to buy a few things. I got a stuffed  Parasaurolophus and a cat charm necklace. I’d say it’s made out of glass or some type of clear rock. We also went to another section of the museum where there were live animals. There were turtles, snakes, cockroaches, lizards, and snake skins and a turtle shell (with no turtle in it). We also went to the Discovery Room, where there were skulls of animals, furs of animals, and also two types of live animals in there. There were leeches and mealworms, and different types of bugs in one tank. And there’s also a toy triceratops that you can interact with.

We went to the Planetarium, which was dome-shaped with the screen above and all around you on the dome, except for the walls. It showed constellations of stars and the stages of life on earth. We also saw different types of butterflies and moths, and there was a collection of them.(They aren’t alive.)

Also, there was a room downstairs with birds and bird eggs and different types of rocks in the back. At the doors of that room downstairs there was a glass box where there were different types of birds. There was also a section about outer space, and there was a cone with a hole at the bottom that you put a coin in a slot and it’ll slide down and it’s supposed to be a black hole and it goes really fast in the middle. The North Museum was really fun for me and Ryan (aka my brother).



6 thoughts on “North Museum!

  1. The planetarium was always my favorite, alongside anything dinosaur related. They are still my ‘I HAVE TO SEE!” stops in museums. I’m glad you had fun! 🙂

    P.S. Did you get to hold the empty turtle shell or was it behind glass?

  2. We will all have to go to the Baltimore Aquarium or the Philadelphia zoo one of these days, okay? Do you like road trips?

    Or…Make your mom take you!!

  3. I LOVED going to the museum when I was your age – I haven’t been for a very long time but now that I have a daughter of my own, I’m going to take her when she’s old enough to walk around and play with things and read about the exhibits.

    My favourite part was always the planetarium!

    It sounds like you had a very fun and interesting day!

  4. I had so much fun with you and Ryan! We’ll definitely have to check out more museums, plus the aquarium and zoo, like Amanda suggested.

  5. It sounds like you and Ryan had a fun time visiting the North Museum.
    When I was a little girl like you, my father would take me to the Franklin Institute. My favorite exhibit was the heart. It was big enough that you could walk through it the same way that blood flows through our hearts. My other favorite thing was visiting the Planetarium. I took your mommy to the Franklin Institute and Planetarium when she was little. We also went to The Science Center in northern NJ. Ask her about it.

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